October 05, 2005

Blak Twang - The Rotton Club

Bad Magic / 14.03.05

Size: 62.02 MB

01 Rotton Club
02 Position
03 Beef Stop
04 G.C.S.E
05 Lady
06 Travellin'
07 Stop 'n' Search
08 Roadworks
09 Soldier
10 Prayer 4 The Dying
11 My World
12 Look Good
13 Where Lions Roam
14 Carry On
15 Done It Again

Album Description
On his fourth album, The Rotton Club, outspoken South Londoner Tony Rotton, aka Blak Twang, proves he has lost none of the playful patter or provocative prowess that has made him one of the most compelling talents in UK hip hop. Never one to shy away from the issues of the day and obviously inspired by the growing number of teenage pregnancies in the UK, the first single, "GCSE", finds Rotton tackling sex education, or rather the lack of it, at schools across the country. "They are not going to tell you this in the school curriculum/before you pull out your tool out and stick your d*** in 'em…" he hollers while delivering a serious message with humorous panache. But on "My Word" Rotton's lyrics take a turn increasingly barbed while using a sample of himself on national television articulately defending hip hop against the latest wave of anti-rap media sensationalism.

But with a romantic reflection on his own relationship in "Lady" and good old fashioned lust in "Look Good", The Rotton Club is more than just a rousing attack on apathy in the UK despite being rife with the kind of punk attitude that led the Deptford boy to name himself after the Sex Pistol's very own Mr Rotton.



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