October 10, 2005

LL Cool J - The DEFinition

Def Jam / 31.08.04

Size: 60.41 MB

1. Headsprung featuring Timbaland
2. Rub My Back
3. I'm Gonna Get Her featuring R. Kelly
4. Move Somethin'
5. Hush featuring 7 Aurelius
6. Every Sip
7. Shake It Baby
8. Can't Explain It
9. Feel The Beat
10. Apple Cobbler
11. 1 In The Morning

Can LL still make a case for being the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time)? Well, let's just say that this position is becoming more difficult to defend. Enlisting the talents of Timbaland to sonically sculpt most of his 11th record is a wise move. The hook-driven jump-off "Headsprung" fits perfectly into its current urban-music landscape. Conceptually, "Move Somethin'" reveals that LL can still flip nouveau rap flows when called upon. The problem is that LL Cool J long ago decided to stop being "hard as hell," instead allowing his R&B-rapper persona to creep in further. Thus, a lot of this release, much like his most recent previous efforts, is filled with offensively boring love songs. Even with R. Kelly dropping by and Timbaland delivering fantastic synthesizer blasts, LL's boasts of getting better with age simply do not hold up. The great ones never know when to throw in the towel--or at least slow down the output--and only LL diehards will lick their lips to this one.



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Would've been a nice one... any available link ? thx

January 08, 2006  

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