November 20, 2005

Mase - Double Up

Bad Boy / June 15, 1999

Size: 85.11 MB

1. Intro
2. Stay Out Of My Way
3. Get Ready
4. Make Me Cry
5. Awards Show (Interlude)
6. Same Niggas
7. No Matter What
8. If You Want To Party
9. Jail Visit (Interlude)
10. F#!* Me, F#!* You
11. Do It Again
12. Another Story To Tell
13. Blood Is Thicker
14. You Ain't Smart
15. All I Ever Wanted
16. Mad Rapper (Interlude)
17. From Scratch
18. Gettin' It

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These are the things you need to know about Double Up, Mase's sophomore effort. "Stay Out of My Way" samples Madonna and Public Enemy; "Get Ready" rides a interpolation of Shalamar's "Night to Remember" (curiously nothing is heard from the Temptations' classic "Get Ready"); "Make Me Cry" samples Fleetwood Mac and Natalie Cole. And so on. Yeah baby, Puff Daddy taught his prot?g? well. Like his mentor, Mase is not a preposessing rapper, and his monotone can become rather wearying since he rarely changes cadences. His rhymes are pedestrian at best--he rhymes "Lewinsky" with "convince me," but he's not talking politics. Still, this is a good party or hip-hop dance-class album; the production is razor sharp and the samples are well chosen. Unlike most hip-hop that demands to be foreground, Mase makes music that is perfectly content to be pleasant, lightly funky background music.


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