December 08, 2005

Beef, Vol. 3 [DVD]

QD3 Entertainment / November 15, 2005

Size: 595.93 MB

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RESPECT...In hip-hop it's the name of the game. Some rappers will do anything to get it, even starting a BEEF with another rapper or crew...and that can lead to raw, brutal conflict in the streets. In fact BEEF has become so common that it is quickly becoming the fifth element of Hip-hop, right beside MCs, DJs, graffiti and breakdancing.

"Beef 3" is about the high-profile Beefs in the hip-hop culture. Beefs are started when one rapper disses another for whatever reason, usually to get the upper hand with the fans or to show their machismo. This program features Beefs between 50 Cent and Game, Lil Flip and TI, Nelly and Chingy, Twista and Bone Thugz, Lil Scrappy and the Orlando Police and many more.


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