December 13, 2005

Big Tymers (Birdman & Mannie Fresh) - Hood Rich

Cash Money / April 30, 2002

1. Slick Talkin (Intro)
2. Oh Yeah!
3. Still Fly
4. Sunny Day
5. The Preppy Pimp
6. Hello
7. #1
8. I'm Comin'
9. Greg Street Countdown
10. Gimme Some
11. Big
12. Get High
13. Pimpin'
14. Put That S**T Up
15. Greg Street Stuntin'
16. Da Man
17. Lil Mama
18. Greg Street Radio
19. My People

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On the follow-up to I Got That Work, Cash Money Millionaires refugees Brian "Baby" Williams and Mannie Fresh put their mediocre rhyme talents to work, paying tribute to all the boyz in the hood who can still rock "gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suits" despite being poor ("Still Fly"). Huh? Cash Money's in-house producer, Fresh cooks up his usual supply of 808 drum-kick-heavy beats on "Hello" and "Oh Yeah" that sound as though they couldn't have taken more than a few minutes to hook up. But he's no sucker emcee or producer, and when he's at his best he's able to seamlessly fuse snappy techno beats with Parliament-style funk ("Get High"), which effectively sounds like something Outkast could have guested on. Sadly, the underwhelming rhymes on tracks like "Pimpin' Baby" (which finds the duo dully listing off their many high-cost accessories) nullifies Fresh's highly danceable rhythm constructions. When popular Southern DJ Greg Street's interlude promoting a Viagra-sponsored "I Can Still Get It Up Tour" contest is the album's high point, it's time to go back to the lab.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man the 17th song is bad I think, the winRar shows mistake in password

January 10, 2006  

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