December 09, 2005

Michael "5000" Watts of the Swishahouse presents Paper Chase 05: Ain't No 401K For A Hustler

Swisha Blast Entertainment / December 2005

01.Paul Wall Archie Lee & Coota Bang-Grillz Flow 4:56
02.Bun B (Ft.Scarface & Young Jeezy)-Pushin 5:23
03.Lil Keke-Flow 03:53
04.Archie Lee-If I Aint A D Boy Flow 01:09
05.Young Jeezy-If I Aint A D Boy Dat 04:54
06.Aqualeo-Cadillac Wires 04:27
07.Slim Thug (Ft.Young Jeezy)-Diamonds Remix 03:34
08.Coota Bang-Flow 01:09
09.Money Black-Shine 01:50
10.Young Jeezy-Get Used To It 04:19
11.Archie Lee & Lil Keke-You Dont Wanna Flow 04:28
12.Bun B-Throwed [04:55] ?°
13.Paul Wall Archie Lee Lil Keke-They Still Dont Know 05:02
14.Coota Bang-Welcome 2 Jamrock Flow 01:41
15.Baby (Ft.Lil Wayne)-Fly In Any Weather 05:33
16.Young Jeezy-Giant 04:34
17.Unknown-Gettin Some Head Flow 03:45
18.Aqualeo-Window Shopper Flow 03:04
19.50 Cent-Window Shopper 03:13
20.Michael Watts-Outro 00:35

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Great Compilation with Paul Wall, Lil' Wayne, 50 Cent, Slim Thug, Young Jeezy and others...


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