December 18, 2005

Westside Connection - Terrorist Threats

Priority Records / December 9, 2003

Size: 70 mb

1. Westside Connection - A Threat To The World (1:14)
2. Westside Connection - Call 9-1-1 (3:43)
3. Westside Connection - Potential Victims (3:01)
4. Westside Connection - Gangsta Nation (4:53)
5. Westside Connection - Get Ignit (4:11)
6. Westside Connection - Pimp The System (4:45)
7. Westside Connection - Don't Get Outta Pocket (3:51)
8. Westside Connection - Izm (4:05)
9. Westside Connection - So Many Rappers In Love (4:13)
10. Westside Connection - Lights Out (3:42)
11. Westside Connection - Bangin' At The Party (3:11)
12. Westside Connection - You Gotta Have Heart (3:51)
13. Westside Connection - Terrorist Threats (2:28)
14. Westside Connection - Superstar (Double Murder = Double Platinum) (4:14)


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Throwing up the "W" just isn't as ghetto glamorous as it once was as the triple vets of the Westside Connection have ended up third fiddle behind a resurgent New York and upstart Southern scene. Though the events of 9/11 and the national paranoia that followed are part of the inspirational fuel behind this album--their first since 1996's Bow Down--there's something quaintly anachronistic about the Connection's gangsta posturing, especially with Ice Cube, whose attempts at righteous fury on "Call 911" seem a pale shadow of the days of The Predator. As such, Terrorist Threats at times feels less than "condition red," but WC, Mack 10, and Cube still show some bite with their bark: "So Many Rappers in Love" is a hilarious slap at the Ja Rule school of R&B/hip-hop crossover, while the single "Gangsta Nation" bumps with irrepressible energy. It's nice to know that even if the sun might be setting in the West, the Connection refuse to go quietly into the night.


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