March 07, 2006

The Don Bishop Agallah - Propane Piff


1 - Intro The Piffmaster
2 - Propane Piff [produced by Agallah]
3 - Whoop Ya Head feat. 50 Cent & Agallah
4 - NY Survival [produced by Agallah]
5 - You Not Live Freestyle
6 - Back To The Grind [produced by Agallah]
7 - Bandeleros (remix)
8 - Gun Go, pt. 3 [produced by Agallah]
9 - Hood Is Back, pt. 2
10 - So High
11 - Need Weed? Freestyle
12 - Agallah Anthem feat. Shiest Bub [produced by Agallah]
13 - Gun Love (I Belong To You)
14 - Ready To Rumble feat. J.R. Writer [produced by Agallah]
15 - Thanks To Me feat. Cam'ron & Sin Sizzerb [Agallah remix]
16 - Piffawanna [produced by Agallah]
17 - Real Sin [produced by Agallah]
18 - Gone Tomorrow Freestyle
19 - Words From The Don Intermission
20 - Don Bishop feat. Jay-Z [produced by Agallah]
21 - Work With Me feat. Ike Eyes [produced by Agallah]
22 - Eddie Propane Exclusive [produced by Agallah]
23 - What It Is [produced by Agallah]
24 - Never Made It Exclusive [produced by Agallah]
25 - Piff Veterans feat. Smooth Bee [produced by Agallah]
26 - A Dose Of Propane Piff feat. Cormega [produced by Agallah]
27 - Blow This Joint feat. Ike Eyes [produced by Agallah]
28 - Stars N Stripes [produced by Agallah]
29 - If I Die Tonight [produced by Agallah]
30 - AG Freestyle
31 - Outro

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The Piffmaster Returns With That Propane Mixtape
Agallah "The Don Bishop" has been doing his thing in the Dipset circles for a quick minute now, producing and freestyling alongside Harlem's #1 gangsta group. Releasing his first official mixtape since Doomsday, Don ain't passin' sh*t on this joint, instead firing up that Piff and hitting you hard with that Purple City flow + a gang of exclusive new production...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your link doesnt work.

March 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These beats are insane! Nice work posting yet again. Thanks - some of us actually do appreciate it and post a comment.

March 09, 2006  
Anonymous shamboard said...

The guy up top is wrong, the link works fine, jus a lil slow.

March 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This nigga is retarded!!! I'm really impressed by the production on this mixtape....The flow is dope as well!

Everybody needs to peep this....

March 20, 2006  

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